Say Cheese

Restaurant Brand Design Concept
Say Cheese, an idea in progress, has made a mission to fulfill the underserved needs of those craving a delicious grilled cheese, handcrafted with care. The mission of Say Cheese is to provide a friendly, calm atmosphere for enjoying one of the greatest foods of all time, in ways you never thought of before!

Restaurant Logo

Say Cheese Logo

Restaurant Collateral and Menu Design

Mockup of a business card, envelope, and letterhead bearing the restaurant's logo
Mockup of the front and back sides of the restaurant's menu
Mockup of two large menu posters on a window

Restaurant App Design and Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Mockup of an iPhone displaying an app with multiple orange screens beside it. The first screen has white text that reads, Welcome! How would you like to begin your cheesy experience?, with buttons below that say, build it myself and view menu. The next screen has white text that reads, Build it, with four icons beneath it, bread, cheese, ham, and an avocado. Below the icons are white cards with different drawings of bread, including white bread, multi-grain, sourdough, hard roll, ciabatta, and croissant. The next screen has white text that reads, Stack it, with six cards beneath. The cards feature a drawing of sourdough bread, swiss cheese, provolone cheese, lettuce, peppers, and an onion. Beneath the cards sits more white text that reads, Expand your meal, with white cards beneath showing drawings of french fries, tomato soup, and a soft drink. The last screen has white text that reads, Pick it Up. Scan this code at the register to pick up your order. Beneath that is an orange and white barcode, and a white button that says, Start Over.
Mockup of a bright orange website. Text reads, Welcome, How would you like to begin your grilled cheese experience? Buttons below read, Build it Myself, and View Full Menu. Below, are cards with illustrations of ingredients with labels above: White bread, Swiss cheese, bacon, ham, and pineapple.
Mockup of three large posters hanging on a white tiled wall.